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Svart Records

[BUNDLE] Winter - Into Darkness & Live LPs Bundle (black vinyl)

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Winter bundle:

  • 1 x Winter - Into Darkness LP (Black vinyl)
  • 1x Winter - Live in Brooklyn NY LP (Black vinyl)

"Into Darkness" was a gateway drug to the dark depths of sludge metal, and now awaits a whole new throng of acolytes who bow down before the throne of heavy doom. Svart Records is proud to re-release it once more, putting the album back in print for a new generation of listeners. Eternal Winter awaits!

Sealed, black vinyl , released by Svart Records (FIN)

Svart Records are proud to release the first official live album from cult death doom band Winter!

In August and September of 2012, Winter participated in the "Power of the Riff East/West" series of concerts held in California and New York. After first playing the West Coast shows with bands like Pelican and Noothgrush among others, Winter returned to their hometown New York on September 2nd and played a show in Brooklyn's Warsaw.

Sealed, black vinyl , released by Svart Records (FIN)