Die Theory - Ice Cream Headache (HARD001)


Die Theory Bio:

Die Theory was born from a chance meeting between fellow metalheads in Providence, RI in 1989. The trio of Pete Berkowitz (guitar), Kevin Crowley (bass) and Steve Johnson (drums) had been jamming together relentlessly for three years, taking inspiration from classic heavy metal, 80's thrash and northeast hardcore.

The band had little success in finding a proper vocalist to round out the line up until Adam Peterson appeared, having recently relocated to Providence from Philadelphia. Within weeks Die Theory was gigging throughout Rhode Island and neighboring Massachusetts, and booked a studio session with Jamie Locke (Prong, Wargasm, Agnostic Front) at Normandy Sound in the spring of 1990. The result was the 6-song "Demo 1990", showcasing the foundations of their fast and fierce approach to songwriting, leaning heavily toward thrash metal without succumbing to its devolving trends.

The year was spent honing their live performance and writing new songs, which shifted more technical and oblique, content on expanding the possibilities of the musical movement they fully embraced. In December of 1990, Die Theory was back in Normandy Sound, thrashing out 4 new songs that became "Ice Cream Headache"... a cheeky nod to the painful effects of their collective sound. The short, sharp, pounding tracks were still relentless in approach, but displayed significant growth... leaning into more technical musicianship with hints of hardcore and socially/politically charged lyrics. ICH was released in 1991 as a demo cassette and was circulated locally as well as throughout the tape trading underground.

More intensive gigging ensued highlighted by a festival appearance in New Jersey during the summer of 1991. By late '91, Scott Miller (formerly of Skinned Alive) was brought in as a second vocalist and the band briefly tried a dual-singer approach. The experiment was short-lived however, as Peterson exited the band due to other non-music priorities. With the changing musical landscape and the band's rapidly evolving sound, Die Theory eventually morphed into Furnace, leaving behind several unrecorded songs that would have become the next Die Theory release. Fast forward to 2023, with the vinyl release of Ice Cream Headache on Heavy And fast Records and Distro, the original quartet agree to resurrect the lost songs for a near-future release.


About Heavy and Fast release of Ice Cream Headache:

Rhode Island’s Die Theory create a unique blend of thrash metal and hardcore on "Ice Cream Headache", their relentless 4 song, 16 minutes EP/demo from 1991. Recorded at Normandy Sound and engineered by Jamie Locke (Prong, Wargasm, Agnostic Front) and now available on vinyl for the first time.

"Ice Cream Headache" has been restored from the original studio tapes and mastered for vinyl by Jamie King Audio. The first vinyl release from Heavy and Fast Records / Distro celebrates Die Theory and their contribution to extreme music history. 

Available in multiple formats and editions:

  • Ice Cream Headache 12" vinyl - limited edition of 180
  • Ice Cream Headache 12" Special Edition vinyl - limited edition of 44
  • Ice Cream Headache cassette tape - limited edition of 50
  • Ice Cream Headache digital via Heavy and Fast’s Bandcamp page.

The vinyl special edition, limited to 44 units, includes an album overlay which is  hand numbered and hand screen printed on Mohawk black 100 lb. stock with metallic silver ink with wording from Ice Cream Headache's original promotion flyer. 

Also included in the special vinyl edition:

  • Hand numbered screen-printed album overlay
  • Replica “Ice Cream Headache” cassette tape j-card signed by all band members
  • Die-cut sticker of original “zombie cone”
  • Die-cut sticker of 2022 rendition of “zombie cone”
  • Promotional post card
  • 4”x3” Heavy and Fast Records/Distro Sticker

Released by Heavy and Fast Records/Distro

Release date: February 14, 2023
Catalog number: HARD001

Vinyl and cassette art, design and layout by Adam Peterson
Vinyl, cassette and digital mastering by Jamie King Audio in North Carolina 
Vinyl pressing and packaging by Softwax Record Pressing in Philadelphia, PA
Special Edition overlay printed by Atmosphere Printing Company in Philadelphia, PA
Cassette duplication and packaging by Cryptic Carousel in New York