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HPGD Productions

V/A - Death Metal Power From Beyond CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and MCDT Company present an all star compilation "Death Metal Power From Beyond" influenced by classic compilations such as Death... Is Just The Beginning, Grindcrusher and Metal Massacre, Death Metal Power From Beyond is the ultimate collection showcasing 16 premier underground death metal bands from around the globe:

Putrisect (US)
Anatomia (Japan)
Cemetarian (US)
Nominon (Sweden)
Infamous Glory (Brazil)
Leprophiliac (Spain)
Reckless Manslaughter (Germany)
Ruin (US)
Undergang (Denmark)
Coffins (Japan)
Inisans (Sweden)
Mortuary (Mexico)
Cadaveric Incubator (Finland)
Ribspreader (Sweden)
Sacrifixion (Germany)
Seraphic Disgust (US)

Sealed, released by HPGD Productions & MCDT Company.