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Heavy and Fast Records & Distro

Unimaginable Terror - Pure Evil cassette tape

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Unimaginable Terror is the creation of Stan Root and is a salute to the timeless intermingling of horror movie influence & extreme metal.  “Pure Evil” is the latest installment by Unimaginable Terror and is severe Death and Grind, similar in style and pays homage to Mortician, but with analog drums and prominent riffs.

Now available on Cassette and Digital via Heavy and Fast Records/Distro.

Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes with full body color imprint on a windowless shell. The cassette also includes staggering artwork by Karl Dahmer on a multi-panel color J-card.  

Release date: April 13, 2023
Catalog number: HARD003

Unimaginable Terror is:

Stan Root – Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Rafael F Rodrigues - Drums
Cassette art by Karl Dahmer
Cassette design and layout by Adam Peterson
Cassette and digital mastering by Jamie King Audio 
Cassette duplication and packaging by Analogue Media Technologies