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Self released

Pizza Death - Slice of Death CD (Extra Cheese Edition)

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LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER - orders with more than 1 of this item will be cancelled!

Band released CD edition of Slice of Death with 8 bonus tracks.  The entire Slice of Death album plus 5 Live song and 3 Chiptune versions.

New and unsealed as released. 

Pizza Death from Australia deliver a crushing mix of crossover, thrash & early 80's hardcore punk and their songs are short, fast and to the point. "Slice of Death" is their recently released debut album.

Heavy and Fast Records & Distro will be the exclusive US distro of this sick 2nd press on red wax with yellow splatter.  

Records are in hand and begin shipping immediately. The official release date of "Slice of Death" 2nd press is Friday 6/24.

Pizza Death, from Melbourne Australia, have hid 3 golden tickets in the sealed 2nd pressing and you could have one of them. The golden ticket will get you an insanely awesome “Pizza death prize pack” from Downtuned Records who released “Slice of Death”.

Note: there are 2 versions of this record for sale, as a small number have very small jacket seam splits from the very long journey from Australia to the United States. 

Pizza Death play songs that are about 3 things:

  1. Pizza
  2. Death (the only thing we believe in in life other than pizza)
  3. And death by pizza (our greatest fear)

FFO: DRI, SOD, Iron Reagan, Gang Green

2nd Press on 12" Solid Red With Yellow Splatter Vinyl, Slice of Death is limited to 200 copies. Released by Downtuned Records in Melbourne, Australia. 

LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER - orders with more than 1 of this item will be cancelled!