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Static Shock Records

Delco MFs - The First Full Year LP 12" (black vinyl)

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This 12" collects the first year of recordings from Philadelphia's DELCO MF's. Initially started a solo recording project of Jim Shomo (Dark Thoughts, Loose Nukes), then turning into a fully formed band with personnel from Phantom and Kinetic Orbital Strike for the 'March Of The MF's' EP.

The first word that leaps to mind listening to this is FERAL. Eleven tracks in as many minutes of completely wild and unhinged hardcore punk. I feel for a lot of this stuff, you are either a fiend for it or it doesn't move you at all, but if you get a kick from the likes of The Neos, Deep Wound, the cream of the Non-Commercial Records crop or the soundtrack to avoiding that folding chair that appears to be moving through the air towards you at full pelt, this might well be for you.

Black vinyl, new in poly bag, released by Static Shock records.