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To Live a Lie

Crom - The Cocaine Wars 1974-1989 LP (black vinyl)

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CROM is the ultimate amalgamation of mystery mixed with futility. They are one of the most frustratingly undefinable bands out there mixing general metal aesthetic into a stew of subgenres ranging from sludge and doom to perfectly cultivated thrash parts and plenty of punk, hardcore, and powerviolence influence spices to get a perfect boiling mixture that has been thought about and talked about since it came out originally in 2001.

In 2023 To Live a Lie Records have taken the original masters and given them the white glove treatment and enlisted Nick Townsend whose mastering and audio work includes such big releases from JIMI HENDRIX to PEARL JAM to DR DRE to NAILS to the DIY likes of REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER and FIREBURN. Nick worked with Phil from the band to create a perfect representation of what this release needed to sound bigger and fuller in the over twenty-year time since it came out.

This definitive edition is the best sounding time capsule of what the band really encompasses and deserves. Similar attention has been given to the artwork, with freshly scanned Carlos Vera artwork and the vinyl version has the cover art sized perfectly to fit its gatefold cover.

Black vinyl, sealed, released by To Live A Lie.