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Destroy Magazine Issue #1 and #2 bundle

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Destroy Magazine issue #1 and #2 Bundle (5% off buying both issues separately).

Issue 1: 80 page, full size, glossy page magazine. This first issue is stacked with punk, metal, artwork, comics, and more!

Featuring Interviews with:

  • Steven Buhl of 200 Stab Wounds (Ohio Death Metal)
  • 'Digestor' of Ghoul (Creepsylvanian Death Thrash)
  • BODY FARM (Ohio/Pennsylvania Powerviolence)
  • Knox of Enforced (Richmond, Virginia Crossover Thrash)
  • Karl Dahmer (Heavy Metal Illustrator)


Issue 2: 100 page (!), full size, glossy page magazine. Issue number 2 first issue is stacked with even more punk, metal, artwork, comics/


  • Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg (Ohio Death Metal)
  • Trevor Foresta of Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, Heavan's Gate)
  • Hellfury (Austin Crossover Thrash)
  • Tour reports
  • Tons of art, comics and reviews